Profile Photos for Professionals

There seems to be a social network for just about everything these days.  From connecting to old friends to making professional connections, an on line presence should generally present your better self.  "Better" doesn't necessarily mean straight and boring however.

There are plenty of examples out there of what not to do when presenting yourself professionally. As important as the right shirt, blouse or adequately oiled hipster beard can be, bad lighting & a poor expression can make a meal of things.

For example, there are countless profile shots on LinkedIn where the excitement of becoming professionally social has taken precedence over wearing something with a collar rather than the tee worn for cutting the grass.  Also, photos taken with the in built camera on a laptop have a habit of being soft and bathe the subject in a very unflattering blue light (there's a reason makeup lighting is warm/yellow).

Cropped images from social gatherings (where the subject is wearing something that could be classed as "funky"), can give a sense of personality as can selfies.  Selfies have their own traps I might add.  The closer a camera is to the subject, the more likely the facial proportions will be exaggerated.  

This is where investing in a brief Profile Portraiture session can make all the difference.

  • Take the time to select a top the matches your professional ambitions but don't overthink it.
  • Ditch the tie.
  • Relax & have a conversation with the photographer.  Some of the best profile shots are candid.
  • Leave the phone, tablet or other device in the other room - take time out for yourself & relax.
  • Be yourself.