Take an opportunity

On a recent trip to visit a client, excellent (or poor) planning had me running very early. To fill in time, I diverted to the local abandoned railway station. I have viewed photographs of this location and always wanted to visit. Today a brief opportunity was offered.

The weather wasn't to my liking, and it was in the window of daylight I like to avoid, but this post isn't about being blessed with choice.

Nyora Railway Station - abandoned.

Considering the poor lighting, I resolved to hand held HDR to bring out the detail in the shade. A fair bit of perspective correction has occured with this shot, as it was taken with the 17-40 @ 17mm. Fancy HDR technique aside, this is a great location for portrait photography.

Looking East - Nyora Railway Station

One benefit of the weather of late is the slightly different cloud formations, particularly how their alititude and shape make them appear against the landscape. I think it's a term called "big sky country".

nyora railway station 2014