Millar|Merrigan Corporate Portrait Series

In the month of February, we did a corporate photo shoot for regular client Millar|Merrigan. The setup for the shoot was in the roof space, and had a perfect skylight for natural lighting. Admittedly the sun sneaking in and out behind the clouds did present challenges, but patience generally was the solution.

As the day progressed, it became clear that we'd picked the best day of the week to shoot. As the temperature slowly crept up, the 27 degree forecast seemed like a blessing, as the rest of the week was in the mid thirties. We were cats under the hot tin roof. We pressed on and managed to survive the tethered laptop shutting down on over temperature. It was all worth it for the great results.

My thanks to a very cooperative group of subjects and Studio Constantine for bringing it all together.

Here's the link to the final result..