Andrew Schweitzer Foto

Welcome to Andrew Schweitzer Foto, Melbourne Australia.

I am Andrew Schweitzer and I have a passion for making photographs.

Every subject tells a story and I strive to capture that story. I have photographed along the east coast of Australia to the garden of England, across to the tree lined lakes of Canada, down to the faces and hard streets of New York City. From architecture and design to landscape, candid urban life and portraiture. Each an opportunity to find the subject and tell its story.

I take pleasure in capturing life, atmosphere, detail, subtle tones, light and texture, particularly in their natural environment. For portraiture, I specialise in your environment, not a poorly hung backdrop in a stuffy garage.

Whether it be portraiture of life at home, a personal portrait of someone special or a step in to the surreal, I capture the vibrance, the colour, the candidness and the emotion. You.

That’s my story, let me capture yours.